Grace Ellen’s work explores the idea of authenticity and honest forms of self-expression through creative processes in painting. Through the use of space, relationships between colour and interactions of forms and layers her work comes to life. By focusing on the notion of how can her paintings not just be viewed as a flat surface but as a body of work that interconnects within itself challenges the artist herself and her viewers. 

By painting in a manner in which she is having a personal encounter with the canvas, the process of painting exposes her nature and character. By engaging with her unconscious, it allows her to reveal her artistry through animated colours and distinctive layers and forms. She aims to unpack the subtitles within her practice through the act of painting by highlighting and implementing a self-reflective approach.

She believes her audience should use their imagination to feel and see what is beyond, to individualise every layer, to experience what she likes to call metamorphosis painting. 

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