My work explores the idea of expanded painting; the idea that painting expands to integrate all other media. I tend to investigate the use of space in a painting and the relationships between colour and the interaction of forms. I focus on the notion of thinking about how can paintings not just be viewed as a flat surface but as a body of work that interconnects within itself, translates forms and uses colour to suggest emotion.

The rigorous flat geometric shapes, fluid forms and animated colours in my work are investigating the relationship between a practised idea and improvisational control. They are implemented to assist the audience in using their imagination to feel and see what is beyond, to individualise every layer, to experience what I like to call metamorphosis painting. The use of space around my paintings is discovering how that can play a role in how my work is absorbed by the observer.
When creating new work, I generate compositions and colour choices on the go, improvising as I work leaves me with the idea of the unknown and the fear of what could be.